Comparison between PC Trolley Box and ABS Trolley Box

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between PC trolley case and ABS trolley case 1, 100% PC material density is more than 15% higher than ABS, so it does not need to be very thick to achieve a solid effect, but also reduce the weight of the box, this is the so-called lightweight! ABS boxes are bulky and thick in comparison, and ABS+PC is also in the middle;
2. PC can withstand temperature: -40 degrees ~ 130 degrees, ABS can withstand temperature: -25 degrees ~ 60 degrees;
3. The compressive strength of PC is 40% higher than that of ABS. 4.
The box of pure PC will only produce dent marks when it encounters strong impact, and it is not easy to break. ABS is not as good as PC, and it is easy to break and break