The material of the trolley case

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ABS this is a relatively new material, but also a more popular fashion material, the main feature is lighter than other materials, the surface is more flexible, rigid, impact resistance better protection of the items inside, although the soft feeling is not strong, but in fact very flexible, the average adult standing on it is no problem, cleaning is more convenient, the disadvantage is easy to scratch, but the last box set will be much better.

Oxford cloth this is similar to a kind of nylon, the advantage is wear-resistant, practical, the disadvantage is the same, in the airport is not easy to distinguish luggage, and relatively heavy, but what to check without worrying about the damage to the box, with a few years or the same, ABS with the increase of time, surface wear, may be used several times on the show for a long time.

PU leather as the name suggests, is artificial leather PU material, the advantage of this kind of box is very similar to cowhide, it looks high-grade, and not like the leather box is afraid of water, the disadvantage is not wear-resistant, not very strong, but the price is low. Canvas This fabric of the box is not very common, but canvas, the biggest advantage is the same as Oxford cloth is wear-resistant, and the disadvantage is that the impact resistance is not as good as Oxford cloth, the canvas material is very uniformly colored, and the surface may be brighter. It looks good. Over time, there is a sense of vicissitudes unique to the old.

PVC is also what everyone calls the hard box, like a tough guy, anti-fall, waterproof, impact resistant, wear-resistant, fashionable, can be said to be much stronger than ABS, is the strongest of the box, smooth surface, good-looking, without worrying about scratches due to brutal handling. Because it won't be obvious. The biggest disadvantage is that it is heavy, about 20 pounds at every turn, you must know that many airlines limit it to 20 kilograms, which means that the weight of the box accounts for half.

Cowhide in general, cowhide is the most expensive, there is no cost performance, it is also more expensive, afraid of water, afraid of grinding, afraid of pressure, afraid of scratching. However, as long as it is properly kept, the box is very valuable, and it is not environmentally friendly to use genuine leather, remember that there is no harm if there is no sale.

In general, it depends on what you do, if you travel or get married, it is suitable for ABS, it is good-looking, and it is easy to distinguish luggage, and you can also pack more things because of your light weight. If moving, it is suitable to use oxford cloth or PC (PVC), anti-falling, wear-resistant. Going abroad or going to school, it is suitable for using ABS, which can be loaded with more things and can be used to make a simple wardrobe. Put things practically. In addition to the appearance, the box is also divided into 2 wheels and 4 wheels (universal wheel). In addition to pulling, the 4-wheel can also be pushed flat, which is more suitable for gentle ground and saves effort. The 2-wheel is suitable for general road surfaces, and the wheel life is longer than that of the 4-wheel.